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Know how to choose personal injuries and workers’ compensation attorneys

Have you or someone you loved been injured in a car or other accident without your fault? Did workers be denied timely compensation benefits after a workplace injury? Need help proving responsibility for your injuries? In these cases pace law firm injury lawyers will surely help you.

Know what to look for in a lawyer

Endless law firms handle personal injury cases, so you should consider the following factors that separate the best personal injury lawyers from the rest of the package:

• Years of experience - it is only a fact that newer lawyers do not have as much experience and may not know as many “insider secrets” as lawyers who have practiced personal injury law for decades. However, a newer lawyer working in a company that provides the support and training of experienced lawyers should be fine.


• Reputation - lawyers who are respected in the community and who have a positive reputation will often be better than lawyers who have reaped a less stellar reputation. A positive reputation will often mean a reliable lawyer who will commit to your case. In today’s “Internet era”, there is no reason not to investigate!

• Disciplinary registration - lawyers who do not meet deadlines, do not keep clients informed or do not act ethically can find complaints of ethics filed against them with their bar association or licensing body. Using the state bar association or the licensing agency website, look for any complaint, suspension or disqualification of the lawyers you are investigating.


• Availability — if your injuries prevent you from going to a lawyer’s office, see if the lawyer will visit you at home or in the hospital. Look for a firm that has team members available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These are sure signs of dedication by the firm to its clients, as well as a good “infrastructure” of operations.

• Winning results — it doesn’t matter how many cases a lawyer has handled if the lawyer does not regularly achieve good results for clients. Pay attention to previous client reviews regarding past case results - although it is not a guarantee, it can provide a good indication of what a particular lawyer could achieve for you.


Similarly, be sure to read reviews online. Reading reviews from former clients can sometimes be one of the best ways to anticipate how your experience will be.

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