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Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is an enjoyable sport, especially on the weekends which can be a real fun for those who love it. It’s a good exercise in your busy life schedule and helps in pollution free and clean environment helping in good health. Today, inflammation in petrol and diesel prices has moved people towards the bike lanes using bicycles as a transport mode.

But cycling is quite risky and many cyclists get injured in bicycle accidents. Generally, bicycle accidents happen when other vehicles hits it by either driving into the Bike Lane or due to rash driving, or carelessness. Many times roads are also not suitable for a bicycle rides.


If a bicycle rider gets hit by a heavy vehicle the injuries can be catastrophic resulting in head injuries, fractures, and soft tissue injuries. If the cyclist is not at fault and still gets injured by a reckless automobile operator he or she can seek compensation as per law which includes payment from the rider of the other vehicle who is at fault. The compensation is normally offered by the rider’s insurance company.

Most of the time, the victim suffers from serious injuries and might become permanent disabled. It is essential to take compensation for all of your losses, including lost earnings, healthcare costs, discomfort, suffering, and anything else. For this you can appoint a bicycle accident injury lawyer who will help you get all the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries. Your adviser will go through details, check that who is at fault and set the value of your claim. If your case in not be settled, you can also take it to court.

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